The SSCCC General Assembly is currently accepting proposals for workshop session presenters. We welcome you to become an integral part of this annual event. During this event, the SSCCC is inviting groups of students, associated student body organizations, partners, and other stakeholders to provide the platform for insightful and empowering discussions and collaboration between students, educators, and other interested parties.

This year's conference theme centers around "Rooted Advocacy: From Seed to Sprout, Branching out with Purpose and Action”. The following are the Workshop Strands for this year’s conference.

Rooted Advocacy: Growing from Within

The "Rooted Advocacy: Growing from Within" workshops will emphasize internal growth and building a strong foundation, similar to resilient tree roots. By encouraging an exploration of root causes rather than surface-level solutions, the workshops will empower attendees and foster positive transformations in themselves and their communities.

Planted with Purpose: Blossoming and Beyond

"Planted with Purpose: Blossoming and Beyond" workshops offer transformative experiences, guiding participants beyond established foundations to align with the principles of rooted growth. Through interactive activities and discussions, attendees will embark on a journey of growth, self-discovery, and connecting with core values. These sessions extend beyond personal development, encouraging individuals to leverage their growth for positive impacts in communities and beyond to foster lasting change.

 Creating Abundant Shade: Expanding Your Canopies

"Creating Abundant Shade: Expanding Your Canopies" sessions should offer a unique opportunity for participants to explore and cultivate personal and professional growth. These workshops will focus on expanding one's influence and impact, metaphorically represented by the concept of enlarging canopies to provide abundant shade. Through dynamic discussions, skill-building activities, and collaborative exercises, attendees gain insights into strategies for broadening their reach and creating a positive impact in their spheres of influence. These workshops should foster a sense of empowerment and encourage participants to embrace a holistic approach to personal and professional development, ultimately creating a bountiful environment for growth and success.

Resources for Student Success

The SSCCC advocates for student success priorities, including food insecurity,  affordable housing, financial aid reform, immigration support, and other basic needs support;  However, students often need support navigating these resources to guide their fellow students These workshops help students identify resources and communicate them throughout their college and community, as well as how to ensure all students have access to necessary resources.  

Deadline: Proposals are due no later than Monday, March 4, 2024. 

Please use the link found here to submit a proposal.