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Participatory Governance

Participatory Governance

As the official organization recognized by the California Community College Board of Governors to represent 1.8 million California community college students, the SSCCC entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Chancellor's Office agreeing to certain responsibilities. One of the responsibilities granted to the SSCCC is the coordination of student involvement in a variety of participatory governance structures within the California community college system. In fulfilling this responsibility, the SSCCC does the following:

  1. Coordinate the nomination of student members to sit on the Board of Governors
  2. Participate in the Consultation Council monthly meetings,
  3. Coordinate and advise students involved in California community colleges participatory governance activities, 
  4. Design and implement leadership development trainings and activities at the system and campus levels, 
  5. Carry out leadership conferences and education policy trainings, and 
  6. Provide developmental activities for student leaders, and facilitate civic and community engagement through annual voter registration and education efforts. 

However, the SSCCC Board of Directors cannot do this alone, which is why we are responsible for student engagement and student involvement in the participatory governance process.  Below is a list of 25 participatory governance groups that require student appointments.  If you are interested in serving, please complete this form. Completing the form does not guarantee you will be appointed. Instead, we will contact you if an appointment is needed in a group you selected to see if you are available to serve.  

Below are is a list of the current California community college participatory governance groups that have student representatives serving and their descriptions.  

  • Crowd Gathering
    Crowd Gathering
  • Protesters Holding Signs
    Protesters Holding Signs
  • Empowerment