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REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! SSCCC General Assembly - April 1 - 3, 2022 - Sacramento, CA 

Call for Workshop Proposals

The SSCCC General Assembly is currently accepting proposals for workshop session presenters. We welcome you to become an integral part of the SSCCC event. This year, the SSCCC will be inviting groups of students, associated student body organizations, partners, and other stakeholders to provide the platform for insightful and empowering discussions and collaboration between students, educators, and other interested parties.

Workshop Strands

The following are the Workshop Strands for this year’s conference.    

Developing and Fostering Student Leadership
The SSCCC integrates leadership training and networking opportunities for our students. Programs across the state support student leadership groups. These student leaders are doing a broad range of initiatives and activities on their campuses to build community and foster student success. These workshops will focus on how student leaders are developing themselves and the activities and strategies they are using on their campuses. 

Being a Voice for Change
The SSCCC is the official voice as recognized by the Board of Governors, legislature, Chancellor’s Office, and other stakeholders for more than 2.1 million students in California community college. Legislative advocacy is one of the SSCCC pillars to use our voice. These workshops should empower students to use their voice to influence policy, educate stakeholders, and inform constituents of those issues that impact higher education and students in particular.    

Rising to the Challenge
Community college students faced a number of difficulties and challenges before, during, and will after the pandemic. During these challenges, community college students continued to show their resilience and grit whether it be learning strictly online, losing their jobs, homes, and even a family member or friend, or finding their next meal.  At the same time, there are ongoing challenges in our society such as global warming, natural disasters, social unrest, and so much more. Students are the change and are rising to the challenge both personally and socially. These workshops should provide students an opportunity to share their experiences about how they overcame and empower each other to rise to the challenge to address critical issues that affect individuals and society overall.  

Accessing Resources for Student Success
The SSCCC advocates for a number of issues related to student success including homelessness, basic needs, housing, and other community resources students need to be truly successful in completing their education.  However, students have limited knowledge about how to leverage these resources to help their fellow students and community. These workshops will share how students identify resources, communicate them throughout the college and community, as well as how to ensure all students have access.  

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