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Students Affected by Police Brutality

The SSCCC is fundraising to support students impacted by police brutality!

Police brutality can be traumatic, both for the person who experienced it and their family. While this is a systemic issue that requires long-term solutions, we must provide immediate support to those affected by police brutality today.  

As a student, this trauma can make it challenging to focus on school. Students who have lost someone to police brutality may be lacking the resources they need. This could include financial resources, mental health resources, and more.  At the SSCCC we hope to support students through this scholarship fund.

This cause is too important to limit to one day and will be a continued priority for us. The SSCCC will be accepting funds until we reach our goal of $5,000 and with your help, we can do it!

Can't contribute? No worries! Share this page and get others involved!

Donation Amount
We have raised $500.00 of our $5,000.00  goal.
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    Crowd Gathering
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    Protesters Holding Signs
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