Menstrual Equity Toolkit

Periods are NOT a choice, shame, or luxury, and menstrual health is a topic that is too often stigmatized and ignored. Menstrual Hygiene Products (i.e. pads and tampons) are a basic, absolute, and constant hygiene need - equivalent to toilet paper. Providing these necessities would improve the educational experience of many students by preventing them from missing important learning opportunities due to a lack of hygiene resources. It would also alleviate the financial burden and the stress from when a sudden need arises. Use this toolkit to advocate for free period products on your campus. 

S21.01.03 Free Period Products and Movement Toward Menstrual Equity

Author(s): Kelly Li, Emma McNellis, and Katherine Squire
Sponsor(s): SSCCC Board of Directors, Region V, Region VII

WHEREAS, according to a survey commissioned by Thinx & PERIOD and conducted by Harris Insights & Analytics, 1 in 5 students have struggled to afford period products or were not able to purchase them at all [1];

WHEREAS, pads and tampons are basic hygiene and wellness necessities that all college campuses should provide for free, similar to toilet paper and soap, which are readily available in campus bathrooms;

WHEREAS, the Student Senate for California Community Colleges’ approved resolution from 2016 in support of period product accessibility [2] does not accurately reflect the current need for free period products; and

WHEREAS, AB 2003 (January 28, 2020), authored by Assemblymember Cristina Garcia [3], reflects the educational barriers and financial burdens that low-income community college students face as the lack of free menstrual products directly relates to academic performance and emotional wellbeing in the classroom; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Student Senate for California Community Colleges make it a legislative priority to advocate for free period products in all community college bathrooms and other campus venues, such as the food pantry or health centers;

RESOLVED, that the Student Senate for California Community Colleges collaborate with system partners and colleges in collecting campus-wide data on period poverty in the California Community College system and researching methods and current practices to provide campuses with models to achieve the goal of statewide menstrual equity for all community colleges; and

RESOLVED, that the Student Senate for California Community Colleges collaborate with the Chancellor’s Office, the Free The Period CA campaign [4], and other system partners to create and implement an action plan to address statewide menstrual equity.

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