Pronoun Inclusivity Programs

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S22.04.11*    Pronoun Inclusivity Programs 
Author: Franz Kieviet, Apoorva Gunti, and Civic Engagement Committee
Sponsored:  Associated Students of Irvine Valley College 
WHEREAS, in some districts, students, faculty, staff, and administrators have the ability to enter the name they want to be often known the First Name Program and students in some districts are not able to include their personal pronouns in Canvas, Campus Portals, and other digital environments; 
WHEREAS, some California community college’s have adopted gender inclusive language, curriculum, campaigns and/or programs to educate the campus and community on gender inclusivity, pronouns, and other issues that affect the LGBTQIA+ community; 
WHEREAS, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges approved Resolution 13.02 S21 which calls for faculty to be able to change and display their chosen name and pronouns across all digital platforms [1]; and 
WHEREAS, understanding that while names are a vital part of one’s identity, pronouns are essential in affirming that a student belongs in their college’s community and the ability for students to enter their personal pronouns is essential to their safety and dignity, and upholds respectful communication with their professors and peers throughout campus; now, therefore, be it 
RESOLVED, that the Student Senate for California Community Colleges encourage districts and colleges to adopt measures that would allow students to add and change their personal pronouns across all District digital environments; and 
RESOLVED, that the Student Senate for California Community Colleges continue to advocate for the inclusion of personal pronouns for the college community, including students, faculty, and staff.

Citation 1: Academic Senate Resolution 13.02 S21 Enabling Display and Use of Faculty Chosen Name and Pronoun Across Campus and all Digital Environments onoun-across-campus-and-all-digital