Mason Koski

Mason Koski, is a Natural Sciences major taking courses at both Mendocino College and Santa Rosa Junior College, with the goal of earning an Associate's Degree and transferring to UC Davis to pursue a BA in Political Science with a minor in Environmental Science. Born and raised in the East Bay in Concord, Mason is the proud child of a California community college grad (and current part-time student) and is a proud LGBTQ+ & Indigenous Person, a DSPS Student, Activist, and Student Leader. Having come from those marginalized communities, Mason has been a long-time advocate for students of all backgrounds and ensuring that every student has the best resources to help them not just succeed but to thrive and be happy and learn and looks forward to continue advocating for students on an even bigger level. Mason also currently serves as an Elected Delegate for the People of Assembly District 2 to the California Democratic Party! Is a Verified Wikipedia Editor, a Musical Theatre Nerd, a Former California TUPE Student Educator, a Former SBA President/Outgoing SSCCC Delegate at College of the Redwoods, and served as a California State Elections Worker as a Poll Clerk during the 2022 Elections!