Jerry Reyes

Jerry Reyes (He/His/Him) is a first-generation student studying Business Administration at Reedley College. He also holds an Associate’s Degree in History and aspires to transfer to a CSU to continue his education which will help him get closer to his goals. He is interested in entrepreneurship and starting and/or helping a non-profit organization in the future. He is passionate about helping others and his community by creating a positive environment for everyone around him. Jerry is interested in basic needs issues, equity and inclusion, financial aid issues, and the overall goal of helping students get through college. He has been a very active member at Reedley College by helping in whatever way he can and wants to do more for Region V and the SSCCC. He is the current Inter-Club Council President and the former Associated Student Government President of Reedley College. In his time in student government, he has helped put on several events, has helped start-up clubs, and continues to take the responsibility of being the voice of students at the local, regional, and state level. He lives by the following quote, “with great power comes great responsibility,” because when you have the ability to do something, you do it for the good of others.