Benson Atkins

Benson Atkins is a student at Los Angeles Southwest College and serves on the ASO Board as a Senator of a club and organization. He was born in Los Angeles, California. He worked for LAUSD as a campus police aide. In 1999-2000, he started in student government at Compton College. He then became a chairperson in Region VII Student Black Caucus. Benson's current goal is to take all the information that he has learned back to his community college to inform the students there that all CCC students have the right to attend the public board meetings that are hosted by the SSCCCC. He wants to advise the students about the many needs of CCC students and the advocacy that the board does for them. This includes receiving more aid for students and creating more programs in the community colleges and throughout California. I will do the job and work together as a team in my region serving as a member of the SSCCC.