The resolution process is an important part of the SSCCC governance. The SSCCC is a nonprofit organization that is guided by its membership -- Delegates from each of the 116 California Community College student body associations. Students from across the state bring resolutions to the annual General Assembly for consideration. The resolutions passed by the Delegate Assembly guide the vision and priorities of the SSCCC. Below is a list of the most recent resolutions passed by the delegates since Fall 2007.  






Resolution Title

Establish Online Pathways to Degrees

Assigned Committee

Regional Affairs and Executive Committees


WHEREAS, the California Community College system seeks to strengthen the workforce through educating individuals and provide an opportunity for all members of the community [1];

WHEREAS, traditional class formats and schedules within normal business hours are burdensome for those employed with inflexible shifts within these hours or otherwise preoccupied, and thus a barrier to their education and opportunity; and

WHEREAS, online classes and distance education, which provides an opportunity for these students or prospective students to participate in college education [2], are not uniformly or necessarily offered for courses related to degrees; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Student Senate for California Community Colleges advocate that, for each general education requirement or degree requirement, at least one class from that pool shall be offered in an online or distance format as far as possible;

RESOLVED, that the Student Senate for California Community Colleges work with the Chancellor’s Office to identify institutions in need of implementing this resolution; and

RESOLVED, that the Student Senate for California Community College advocate to local institutions and the appropriate educational bodies for hybrids and/or alternate formats for sections where a purely online format is impossible.

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