A caucus refers to an autonomous group comprising individuals who share common interests and seek to formally express their perspectives to the SSCCC. It is important to note that a caucus operates independently and is neither sponsored, chartered, nor governed by the SSCCC. The SSCCC does not impose any fees or dues for caucus recognition. While certain guidelines specified by the SSCCC must be adhered to, as outlined below, a caucus has the freedom to establish its own processes and procedures without requiring SSCCC approval.

List of SSCCC Caucuses

Abled Caucus - Inactive
Asian Pacific Islander (API) - Inactive
Black Caucus - Inactive
Diverse-Ability Caucus - Inactive
FISI (Formerly Incarcerated, Currently Incarcerated & System Impacted Student) Caucus - Inactive
Latinx Caucus - Inactive
STEM Caucus - Inactive
Spectrum Caucus - Cesar Tlatoāni Alvarado
Student Trustee Caucus - Inactive
Sustainability Caucus - Inactive 
Women’s Caucus - Inactive
Veterans Caucus - Inactive 

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