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Spring General Assembly March 31st - April 2nd in Long Beach -- Registration is Now Open under the Events Tab! 

Students! Interested in sharing your experience?

As the voice for over 1.8 million students in California community colleges, the SSCCC is frequently contacted to identify students who can share their perspectives on issues that affect them such as basic needs, financial aid, housing, student grievance, and many more. It is critical that the students' voice is heard in these areas if policy change is to occur. The SSCCC needs students like you to share your story and give life to your experiences and the experiences of other CCC students. If you are open to sharing your story, please complete the form on this page and we'll contact you when such opportunities arise.

  • Crowd Gathering
    Crowd Gathering
  • Protesters Holding Signs
    Protesters Holding Signs
  • Empowerment