As the representative of more than 1.8 million students in California community colleges, the SSCCC frequently receives inquiries seeking students who can share their perspectives on crucial issues impacting them, such as basic needs, financial aid, housing, and student grievances, among others. We firmly believe that students' voices must be heard in these areas to drive meaningful policy change.

To accomplish this, the SSCCC relies on students like you to share your stories and bring life to your experiences, as well as the experiences of other community college students. Your unique insights can shape the discourse and contribute to positive transformations in our educational system. If you are willing to share your story, we invite you to complete the form on this page. Rest assured that we will reach out to you when opportunities arise for you to make your voice heard.

By sharing your experiences, you become an essential part of the conversation, ensuring that the challenges and triumphs of California community college students are acknowledged and addressed. Together, we can work towards creating an environment that better serves the needs and aspirations of all students.

Thank you for considering sharing your story and for your commitment to making a difference in the lives of community college students across California.