The resolution process is an important part of the SSCCC governance. The SSCCC is a nonprofit organization that is guided by its membership -- Delegates from each of the 116 California Community College student body associations. Students from across the state bring resolutions to the annual General Assembly for consideration. The resolutions passed by the Delegate Assembly guide the vision and priorities of the SSCCC. Below is a list of the most recent resolutions passed by the delegates since Fall 2007.  






Resolution Title

Elimination of Proctorio and Proctoring Systems

Assigned Committee

Executive Committee, Regional Affairs Committee, Legislative Affairs Committee


WHEREAS, according to a research study done by EDUCAUSE, “In April 2020, EDUCAUSE conducted a QuickPoll about grading and proctoring. Findings showed that about half of the 312 respondents reported using online/remote proctoring tools. Five services dominated the market for proctoring software: Respondus (65%), ProctorU (23%), Proctorio (17%), Examity (12%), and HonorLock (12%)” [1];

WHEREAS, in an interview with Recode, “The company told Recode that in 2020, it was used by more than 1,200 institutions and had proctored nearly 20 million exams — more than three times the 6 million it administered in 2019” [2];

WHEREAS, according to Proctorio’s website, the proctoring system states the following, “we have one goal: to expand quality education by providing high-integrity learning environments to learners across the globe. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue a high-quality education, which is why we developed a privacy-centric, accessible, and scalable remote proctoring solution that allows test takers to take exams from home” [3]; and

WHEREAS, proctoring systems, such as the aforementioned companies, create a multitude of issues such as racial and ableist biases, concerns over the compilation and usage of data and privacy, and connectivity issues for students [4]; now, therefore be it,

RESOLVED, that the Student Senate for California Community Colleges advocate for the elimination of all proctoring systems such as Proctorio and ProctorU throughout all 116 California community colleges;

RESOLVED, that the Student Senate for California Community Colleges create a universal toolkit advocating for the elimination of proctoring systems;

RESOLVED, that the Student Senate for California Community Colleges work with its’ system partners such as the Chancellor’s Office, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, and Faculty Association of California Community Colleges for full elimination of proctoring systems throughout the system in strides towards creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusionary learning space for students on an online environment; and

RESOLVED, that the Student Senate for California Community Colleges advocate for the full elimination of all proctoring systems implemented in curriculums as a legislative priority for the 2022 through 2023 term.

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