Priscila Moreira

Priscila Moreira (she/her) is a non-traditional student of Political Science at Mission College
who immigrated to the United States in 2018 and started her higher education in 2022; she is
eager to do community service and promote equal education for all, regardless of financial
situation and status. As an outreach ambassador, she connects with students and the community,
spreading awareness about educational opportunities and resources. She is deeply dedicated to
student representation, shown through her participation as a Student Representative at the
Academic Senate, where she advocates for the needs and concerns of other students in the
community. Outside of campus, Priscila extends her commitment to social causes by
volunteering with We Vote, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting voter participation
and education. She has served as a Senator at the Associate Student Government, and her
advocacy also extends to adult learning, recognizing the importance of lifelong education and
empowerment. Currently, Priscila is taking on a new challenge as a student leader in a Civic
Engagement project at Mission College. Through this initiative, she actively fosters community
involvement and promotes civic responsibility among students. Priscila’s journey as an
immigrant has inspired her to advocate for undocumented immigrants to ensure they have access
to the resources and support they need to thrive. Coming from her own experiences, she
understands the challenges and barriers that immigrants face and is determined to be a voice for
those who may not have one. Through her advocacy work, she is striving to promote inclusivity
and justice, working towards a society where all individuals, regardless of their immigration
status, are treated with dignity and respect.