Statement from SSCCC on Governor’s May Revise


Date: May 9, 2019
Contact: Cameron Cowperthwaite, SSCCC Vice President Legislative Affairs

Statement from SSCCC on Governor’s May Revise

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Student Senate for California Community Colleges would like to thank Governor Newsom for his commitment to California Community College students and the goals of the Vision for Success.

The Governor’s May Revise to the proposed 2019-20 Budget would provide important and necessary funding to address the basic housing needs for students at the California State University and University of California; the CSU would receive $6.5 and the UC would receive $3.5 to support rapid rehousing of homeless students.  This funding would be in addition to the $15 million proposed in the January budget for each system to address food and housing insecurity. The SSCCC supports these investments in our fellow students.

The May Revise, however, does not adequately ensure California Community College (CCC) students have access to the resources necessary to support our basic needs and offset non-tuition costs.  The CCC system received no basic needs funding in the May Revise, nor were there any significant increases for financial aid. With this in mind, the passage of SB 291 (Leyva), the California Community College Student Financial Aid Program, is all the more necessary for our students. SB 291 will provide additional funding for California’s most economically disadvantaged students, helping make their dreams and success a possibility.

The SSCCC would like to ask our fellow California Community College Students and our allies to join us in asking our state legislators to invest in our community college students by supporting SB291. We have provided some sample tweets below.  

UCs & CSUs receive support for rehousing homeless students. #MayRevise. We shouldn’t have to sleep in cars. Get bias out of #CAHigherEd. #WhatAboutUs (@GavinNewsom, @Portantino and @SenatorLeyva and @ your local Senator)


#MayRevise leaves @CalCommColleges students out of rapid rehousing program. Let’s move #SB291 forward!. Our lives are counting on it. #WhatAboutUs? (@GavinNewsom, @Portantino and @SenatorLeyva and @ your local Senator)


Fund the future with increased support for basic needs of @CalCommColleges students. #MayRevise #WhatAboutUs #VoteYesOnSB291 (@GavinNewsom, @Portantino and @SenatorLeyva and @ your local Senator)


You can read more about the higher education funding changes proposed in the May Revise here: