Action Needed! Advocate for More Financial Aid for Community College Students

The Student Senate for California Community Colleges would like to share an opportunity for community college students to advocate for more financial aid by filling out this form to support an important bill, SB 291, that addresses the critical issue of increasing financial aid for California community college students to cover the true cost of college.

We recognize that despite having the lowest tuition in the nation, the true cost of attending a community college is much greater for many of our struggling students. Under the current financial aid system, even with the maximum amount of aid awarded and tuition waived thanks to the California College Promise Grant, community college students still have to cover most or all of their non-tuition expenses, which make up more than 90 percent of their total college costs. Textbooks, transportation and basic housing can be unaffordable for any student, and for lower-income students, this disparity makes academic success and completion of their college education nearly impossible.

Real changes in the amount of financial aid community college students can receive must not wait fill out this form now to lend your support for SB 291.