Mikala Hutchinson

Mikala Hutchinson is a dual major in Social Work and Sociology at MiraCosta College in San Diego, with aspirations to one day finish her Master's degree to serve within her local community. Her plans include transferring to Cal-State Chico to complete her Sociology degree and to continue her growth in policy and advocacy. Mikala is passionate about advocating for students who may feel underrepresented or disconnected from the traditional college student norm. Her most recent accomplishments include advocating for better-paid parking signage at her campus and advocating for students who take non-credit courses to have access to affordable childcare. This led to a successful language reform at her campus Child Development Center. Mikala served as a Student Intern for the SSCCC in the fall and is looking forward to her position as a Legislative Affairs Specialist. In her downtime, Mikala enjoys quality time with her young children.